18 August 2007

*sigh* First Post

So I've finally got my own semi-to-myself house and I've been cooking a LOT recently. I've always had an interest in food, and have always loved cooking. Even when I had no cooking outlet, I watch the Food Network relentlessly. Because of that I've learned about, just about cooking and food products in general. Thanks to Alton Brown, I learned HOW to cook instead of just how to follow a recipe. (Note to family: don't get mad, you've been there too, but AB gives the scientific reason instead of "just because.) Most of my family are amazing cooks, my mom, my grandma, my dad, heck even my grandpa can cook a mean cajun meal, when he feels like it that is. =) So I've determined that since I put so much time into this and I'm not gonna lie, I make some pretty good stuff, that I should keep a record of it. And since I'm taking the time to do THAT, I might as well share with the world, or at least family and friends. So I can't promise that it will be updated every day but I'll do my best to keep up with the stuff I make. The other disclaimer is that you're not gonna find fancy food on here, just simple stuff you can make with a normal pantry or at least run down to your local HEB and get it. =) So enjoy all my recipes, I encourage you to try them at some point, and pleeeeease comment after you do! Happy cooking!!

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