26 February 2009

Pie in the Sky, Conroe, TX

I don't think I have given out five stars yet in my reviewing restaurants, but *DING DING DING* we have a winner. Holy cow this place is awesome. I have no idea what kind of building it used to be, but the Pie in the Sky people have transformed it in to a cute, quaint little cafe. It's got bold bright green, blues and oranges on the walls, complete with rustic doors lining the ceiling. EVERYONE feels comfortable here. There's a group of ladies spliting a pie at the table next to me, across the room are two men car salesman. No one is unwelcome here. Every dish that comes out of the kitchen looks spectacular, including the sweet potato fries. I instead opted to have their strawberry spinach salad and let me tell you. They don't play around. Served in a tall glass bowl, this was packed full with spinach and FRESH strawberries. The dressing wasn't too heavy or too sweet. Then, the killer, Mississippi Mud pie. Whoa man. It came out on a plate, warmed, drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup, dotted with chocolate chips and pecans and huge scoop of ice cream AND whip cream. I think I'm gaining pounds just by looking at it. One bite and it's heaven. I'm not comparing, but it's better than a certain piece of "Heaven" in the Bryan/College Station area pie. I would HIGHLY recommend this place!

Bueno: EVERYTHING, even the wait staff
Cons: You have to leave/
Rating: 5/5

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The Asker said...

OK, i'm really glad you posted a link to your foodie blog, because I had forgotten about it. You are making some TASTEY FOODS. I seriously need to try some for our weekly menu.