26 March 2009

Honey B Ham, Conroe, TX

...or Honey Bee Ham, I'm really not sure which is correct. I drove by this place with a banner that proclaimed the "Best Burgers in Montgomery County." Always the one looking for a good cheeseburger, I had to stop and give it a try. I was highly skeptical however, I mean after all, there were a deli, not a hamburger place. It was a small place in a shopping center, both lined the sides and tables in the middle, but the place was packed! I order their standard hamburger, but there are so many choices! Your choice of cheese and your choice of homemade bread. I opted for American cheese and jalepeno bread. I tend to stick to the ideology of the Texas Burger Guy except for the fact that I don't need the "herd killer" aspect of a burger. I do enjoy a moist (not greasy) burger that when the juices from the properly seasoned patty mingle with the mayonnaise it forms an exlir from heaven. This burger in Conroe was pretty dang close. The homemade bun was killer. It rivaled Tiki Bar in Crystal Beach, one that I could eat every stinkin day. There wasn't much kick from the jalepenos but it was slighty sweet, toasted on the inside but soft and chewy outside. The burger was well seasoned and not over-cooked. Served with seasoned fries, this burger was a steal. Definitely under $10 and SO filling. I give it 4.5 stars only because the decor/atmosphere left something to be desired. If it had been in a rustic burger joint, it would have been 5 stars all around.


The Asker said...

that looks pretty tastey, and the fries look home made, too.

Do you ever get strange looks, taking pictures of your food?

amanda said...

I usually try and do it on the sly. I'm usually afraid that someone catch me and throw me out, even though I don't know why that would happen. I've heard of people getting free food for reviewing places on their food blog, but I don't think mine is that popular yet. I guess I'll have to wait for that.