01 April 2009

Threadgill's, Austin, TX

Testifying before a House committee at the Capitol can really work up an appetite. After we were done, we decided to hit up local eats in Austin. Threadgill's boasts home cooking and I was bound to determine if that was true. When you walk in, the atmosphere is awesome. Gingham tablecloths, crock condiment holders and music posters plastered all over the walls makes you feel like your at a cross between your favorite country bar and your grandma's house. They have chalkboards on every wall listing a blue plate special, veggie of the day, soup of the day and dessert of the day. (Which I have to say, I LOVE a restaurant that can change their menu every day. It shows versatility, creativity and it is not your stock chain place.)

We started with fried green tomatoes because I mean, how can you NOT order fried green tomatoes when they are available? I was shocked to learn that out of myself, my aunt and my uncle, I was the only one who had ever had fried green tomatoes. So for the record, it is NOT just a movie, bt a pretty scrumptous dish. Green tomatoes are a little tangy and firmer than ripe tomatoes. Served along with a spicy ranch, they are delish!

Did I mention that they give you complimentary cornbread and yeast rolls? The cornbread is more traditional muffin style that pan cornbread. It is a little sweeter and has whole kernels of corn in it. But awesome nonetheless.

Now what every southern gal wants, Chicken Friend Steak! This was an above average chicken fried steak. Now by NO means does this mean it was bad, but a girl has certain needs and wants. I like a tender steak, crispy batter, thick cream white gravy are all a must. This CFS had two out of the three. The steak was so tender I could a fork to cut it and the batter was light and crispy. The gravy was, well different. I prefer gravy that I can eat with a fork. Threadgill's was thinner and had a sweeter taste to it. Perhaps they made it from ham dripping instead of bacon because there wasn't that smoky flavor to it. Would I eat it again? Heck yes. The sides are just like your grandma would make. They have an extensive listing of sides which all sounded too good. I finally decided on San Antonio squash and cheesy garlic grits, as you can see in the background. San Antonio squash was just another name for cheesy squash. It could have been sliced a little thinner, but the flavor was good. The cheesy garlic grits was tasty, not too much garlic, but plenty of cheese.

My aunt had grilled chicken with spinach and asparagus. It was average. The chicken was moist but not a lot of bold flavors. My uncle had the pecan crusted chicken and HOLY COW! this was good. I think I would have traded my CFS for his chicken. The chicken was so thin and the batter was not too thick. It was placed on a bed of creamy pecan gravy. I would highly recommend this dish to anyone; even if you don't like pecans, try it, it doesn't taste like it. It just has a subtly sweet taste and amazing texture.

Overall: 4/5

Eating at Threadgill's is an experience. We had a wonderful and attentive waiter with great food. The eclectic crowd that eats here is what defines Austin. So yes, I'm picky, but it was still good. I would eat here again in two heartbeats.

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The Asker said...

I love free bread with a meal! I love it even more when there are choices with that free bread!!

I bet they make good fried squash, which I am a number one fan of.

You have enticed me to try this place next time I'm in Austin.