29 January 2009


This morning I had to have my car worked on in San Juan which is about 30 miles from the town I'm working in. In case you're wondering there a few things I only trust with select people. I'm very picky about who does my hair, my eyebrows, takes care of my dog and my car falls into this category as well. A friend of a friend of my uncle's referred me over here, so here I am. Nevertheless, the point of this post is food! Being stranded for a few hours, I decided to walk down to the first restaurant by the shop which the owner had recommended. It was a small place in a strip mall so I was a little cautious. Everything looked too new to fall in the 'greasy hole in the wall reaaaallly good mexican food' category. The breakfast menu was overwhelming with options. Eggs with anything you could imagine, some I couldn't identify what it was. Two different kinds of migas, three different kinds of chilaquiles. I was intrigued. I've never had authentic migas OR chilaquiles and really didn't know the difference. After asking the waitress a few questions, I decided on chilaquiles rojo con chorizo. See, migas and chilaquiles both have fried tortilla bits in them, but where they differ is migas are cooked with eggs and chilaquiles are simply covered with sauce, maybe a meat and queso fresco. I ordered scrambled eggs on the side as well.

Picture from www.chezpim.com

Picture from www.roadfood.com

As you can see from these pictures (that I didn't take), the migas are more egg-y, while the chilaquiles are more sauce-y.

The plate came out with this wonderful red conncotion on a third of the plate with beans, fried potatoes and my eggs, which were real for the record and not the fake powdered kind. Although the above picture is not my meal, it was very similar, minus the pepper and tomato with a little bit more sauce. My first bite and I was hooked. The tortillas were still crunchy and the rojo sauce was the perfect blend of spices and heat. The chorizo was crumbled enough to not interfere with the simplicity of the dish. A bite of chilaquiles and a bite of eggs and I was in mexican food heaven. I swear I have a mexican grandmother somewhere in my genes because nothing is better than homemade mexican food. Shortly after I received my order, the four staff of the restaurant sat down and enjoyed breakfast together. You know it's good when you see the people that cook and serve it all day sit down and eat it. I only hope I have a reason to travel to San Juan again so I can try something else from there!

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