13 January 2009

Recipe in the Making

I got a crock pot for Christmas!! And yes, I actually asked for it! Now that I have one, it's my new obsession. For the next month, I plan to use my crock pot every Saturday while I'm away at indoor drumline rehearsals. I have been researching crockpot recipes for the past two weeks and they all seem to look the same. Pot roast. Chicken. BBQ meat. What about some variety? There's a lady who cooked something in her crock pot EVERY DAY of the year last year and didn't get too tired. I figured surely I can cook something once a week and not get bored. One of my favorite dishes I haven't made in a while is Hawaiian chicken. Usually I cook it in a foil pouch in the oven, but I'm thinking maybe I can do it in the crock pot...Hmmmm. I think I can. I'll let you know.

*And I promise to update with my first crock pot recipe and pictures soon!

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